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When you hear the term spy camera, automatically think of cool movies with CIA, MI6, and even KGB superheroes!!!


The notion of having the smallest video camera available to you seems out of this world.

But let me tell you that it is actually very easy to have a spy camera right now, and more importantly, they can be purchased at a very reasonable price.

So, regardless if you need a hidden camera for home or office safety, to record while you are driving or making business, here are the best smallest spy cameras available in 2020. I made a full review of each and every one of them, so you won’t miss any features.

So let’s start by checking out what are the best 10 models that I suggest for you and then move to a quick buyer’s guide to help you actually choose the one you will be most happy with.

Best Smallest Spy Cameras Comparison Chart

I don’t want you to go to the review section without getting to know the products that I’ve chosen for today. Because of this, I advise you to check the next chart and see how small and big is each camera and also how popular it is on Amazon.

I’ve added that label because I think that the level of happiness that comes from the users is even more relevant than a model’s features.

YuanFan Bluetooth Speaker Hidden Spy Camera14.1 ounces10.3 x 1.6 x 2.2 inches1 Year4.1Check On Amazon
ZOHULU Spy Camera1.12 ounces5.5 x 3.5 x 1.7 inchesN/A4.3Check On Amazon
Tusionwin Spy Camera4 ounces0.1 x 0.2 x 0.2 inches1 Year5Check On Amazon
Aynone Spy Camera3.52 ounces2.9 x 1.8 x 1.2 inchesN/A4.3Check On Amazon
OLTEC Light Camera Security3.2 ounces5.5 x 3.1 x 3.1 inchesN/A4.2Check On Amazon
QBAOTE Spy Camera1.44 ounces1.6 x 1.2 x 1.2 inchesN/A5Check On Amazon
Facamword Spy Camera7.2 ounces6.1 x 3.8 x 1.9 inches1 Year4.2Check On Amazon
AliWestCom Spy Camera1.6 ounces1.6 x 0.9 x 0.6 inches1 Year4Check On Amazon
Ehomful Spy Camera0.64 ounces1 x 1 x 1 inchesN/A4.1Check On Amazon
Conbrov Mini Cube Camera0.64 ounces1 x 1.1 x 0.8 inches1 Year4.1Check On Amazon

Top 10 Best Smallest Spy Cameras Full Reviews

Now that you know a little bit more about the spy cameras that are going to be discussed find a comfortable place and start taking notes. The reviews are not exactly short. Even though it is more to read, I decided that you need full disclosure than an easy lecture.

1. YuanFan Hidden Spy Camera Inside Bluetooth Speaker

I will start with one of the coolest spy cameras that I was able to test. It is produced by YuanFan, and it is hidden inside of a Bluetooth speaker. The design is so good that you cannot notice that this is not an average Bluetooth speaker.

The camera has the possibility to record both video and audio. The good part is that you can use it during nighttime without any issues because it has night vision. It actually has a 32 feet monitoring distance for night vision and also 15-night vision IR. Furthermore, in conditions of dim light, if it senses any kind of movement, it will trigger an alarm notification on your cell phone.

Speaking of notifications, this YuanFan model can be very easily connected to your WiFi, and you can see in real-time everything that the camera is recording with the help of your phone app that is available for both Android and iOS.

The video is recorded at a good quality – 1080P HD. For this, the camera has a lens of 160-degree wide-angle and also 4x digital zooming that comes with H.264 compression. However, you can adjust the resolution as you please. It supports 1080P, 2K, and even 4K.

Everything that it is recording goes to a micro TF card. This card will be doing looping recording; therefore, it can monitor any room you want 24/7.

Lastly, you don’t have to worry about any personal images being leaked. All the recordings are only saved on your phone and on the memory card, without being sent on a server.

  • Great design;
  • Night vision;
  • Sends push notifications;
  • Good warranty.
  • It can only work if plugged in.

2. ZOHULU Spy Camera

The second product that I want to talk about is brought to us by ZOHULU. Even though it doesn’t have such a cool design as the previous one, it is just as great of a product.

This is actually their newest model, and it has a wide-angle of 150°, making it possible to make live videos at a great resolution – 1080P. This is why the producers recommend it for either a home camera for security or even a car camera.

It records and saves the information of micro SD memory cards up to 128 GB. Also, it comes with a USB cable that is flexible, but also semi-rigid, ensuring an easy positioning of the camera. Not only that, it can stand up, but you can also maneuver it at any angle you wish, just by using the cable.

Another great part about this spy camera is that it also supports night recording due to its night vision feature. It can detect movement in dim light or complete darkness at a distance of 19 ft.

You can set up your camera to send you alerts on your phone anytime it detects any motion. You can even capture images that will also be saved on your phone.

The last thing that I want to mention about it, is that you can use it without any electricity available. It can go on batteries for 60 minutes, but also you can use a power bank for it. With a 10000mAh power bank, it can work for 30 hours. Of course, for a 24/7 recording, you will need to plug it in.

  • Makes snapshots;
  • Can work on batteries;
  • It has night vision;
  • Supports big micro SD memory cards.
  • It doesn’t come with a memory card.

3. Tusionwin Spy Camera

This Tusinwin spy camera has a very clever design. It is actually a USB charger for your devices, that also has a very little, tiny camera. It records the videos at a great resolution of 1080P full Hd and with a wide-angle of 90°.

This little spy doesn’t need any WiFi to function. You just plug it in where you want to record, and it will keep an eye out for you whenever you have strangers working in your house, such as cleaning ladies, babysitters, and so on.

It records everything on a micro SD memory card. You can use cards up to 32 GB. When the card gets all full of information, the camera has a looping feature that will delete the oldest information and overwriting the new one. This way, it continuously records without any influence from your side. The only thing you have to do is to check it out from time to time, not to miss any video of possible interest.

It has a motion detector that will start the camera as soon as it senses any movement in the room you are using it for. This way, it will not be recorded without reason.

With a one year warranty, it is no wonder that all the users that have tested it are thrilled with it. It actually has 5 stars on Amazon. This means that so far nobody had anything to complain about.

4. Aynone Spy Camera

Another similar model is produced by Aynone. It has the same idea of design – a USB charger for your devices, but it brings the quality a little step forward than its predecessor.

First of all, it allows you to record the videos and receive them directly to your phone, but also you can take pictures from the app if you want.

This model is connected to the Wifi of your home, and this is why it can send you to live 1080P videos and high-quality images to your phone.

The lens of the camera is very well hidden, so nobody will notice its existence.

The setup is crazy easy to do. All you have to do is to insert the TF memory card into the camera and plug it in. From that moment, the device is up and running to record anything without any further settings. Its phone app will also let you watch live streaming videos.

I mentioned earlier about inserting a memory card. You can use any kind of TF card you want. It only has to be up to 128 GB. This kind of card can store up to 15 days of recordings.

Another feature worth mentioning is its capacity to detect movement. When it does, you will receive a notification on your phone that the motion detection was activated.

Lastly, probably one of the best things about this camera is that its producers promise you a refund in 90 days if you are not happy with what you receive from their product.

  • Great refund policy;
  • Sends alerts to your phone;
  • Can also take pictures;
  • Can record up to 15 days of videos;
  • It detects movements.
  • It can be considered expensive.

5. OLTEC Light Camera Security

Another very cool spy cam design is brought to us by OLTEC. Looking like a light bulb, it has a very wide range of 360 degrees. This means that this gadget doesn’t allow any blind spot.

All the recorded videos are very high-quality – 1080P full HD. The images that it saves are actually so clear that you can see even the smallest details.

Everything that it records is stored on an SD memory card. It can support cards up to 64 GB. You can also choose not to save the videos on a card and receive live stream videos on your phones. However, these come without audio.

You can set your spy camera to send you to push notifications to your phone anytime it senses any movement around it. This way, you can instantly see what is happening in your room with the help of your phone.

The connection is possible due to the WiFi connectivity of the spy camera. This is very easily done. Speaking of this subject, this light bulb camera also offers the possibility of using a remote Graphical Interface. This will allow you to watch live videos, watch them later, or activate any kind of alarm you want.

What makes it stand out from other spy cameras doesn’t need any power adaptors. You just have to insert it in a standard bulb holder. After that, you have to follow the steps in the instruction manual and connect it to the WiFi network.

  • You don’t need any extra power adaptor;
  • Easy to use from your phone;
  • Sends notifications;
  • 360 degree angle lens;
  • Great idea of design.
  • Not the best stealth.

6. QBAOTE Spy Camera

Another model of a hidden camera that looks like a USB charger that I want to talk about today is produced by QBAOTE. Actually, it is not so different than the one made by Tusinwin, but I think it is a matter of taste, so you should pick the brand that speaks to you the most.

So, this being said, let’s see what actual features this spy camera has to offer. First of all, it works immediately. All you have to do is to plug it in, and it starts doing what it does best,

You don’t have to set up any network connection because it doesn’t require WiFi for it to work. Just insert a micro SD card that doesn’t exceed 32 GB. It will record anything happening in that room as long as you want it to.

Everything that it records, it comes at a very qualitative resolution – 1080P HD. The good part is that the camera won’t spend its card’s memory without having what to film. It has a motion sensor, and it automatically starts recording when it feels movement in the premise.

Another great aspect is given by its capacity of not heating itself while recording. Since it is always plugged in while recording this is a risk that could have happened. However, the manufacturers thought about it and eliminated it, so you don’t have to worry about it.

  • Doesn’t need a WiFi connection;
  • Very good video resolution;
  • It doesn’t overheat;
  • Great stealth properties.
  • It cannot be controlled via a phone app.

7. Facamword Spy Camera

Another great spy camera is the one from Facamword. I must say that firstly, I was drawn by its appearance only after that I actually made time to see what it can do. So let’s take the most important features of this product and discuss them.

Probably the first thing you want to know about it is its resolution. Yes, it offers a very high-quality 1080P HD videos.

Also, it has a built-in battery that will permit the recording to go without any electricity connection for 3 hours. However, if you want 24/7 surveillance, you will need to plug it in. You can use either a USB charger or a power bank source (remember to charge the power bank from time to time.)

A very big plus is given by its capacity for night vision recording. This little camera comes with an infrared light that it is invisible in the dark, but that will allow it to see without any light. You don’t have to do anything about it, because the night vision will automatically start and stop when it needs to.

The spy camera is very easily connected to a WiFi network. Because of this, you can control it with the help of your phone through its app. You can use either an Android phone or an iPhone, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility.

You can use the app all by yourself, or you can share the credentials of the camera with your family members or co-workers. All this can be done with just a few clicks from your app.

It is designed to accept a micro SD card. Everything stored there can be seen, downloaded, or deleted from your phone app.

Last, but not least, it has a motion sensor that will be activated by any movement and will send you a notification directly from your phone. Also, while doing so, it will also make snapshots photos and deliver them to you.

  • Can be used by both iOS and Android users;
  • Works on batteries too;
  • It has a motion sensor;
  • Can make snapshots photos.
  • It doesn’t offer the best audio quality.

8. AliWestCom Spy Camera

The next one on the line is designed by AliWestCom. This mini camera may not look like much, but it is actually a very good product.

It supports a micro SD memory card up to 64 GB. Also, it can work up to 90 minutes in recording mode without charging, only on batteries. This is a lot for a battery recording.

With just a push of a button, the camera will start filming. With another push, you can make the quality of the image to be FHD or HD, depending on your preferences and needs.

It is not at all noticeable because it doesn’t have any blinking light or it doesn’t make any sounds.

The good part about it is that it doesn’t actually need a Wifi connection. Therefore, it is very portable. This means that you can take it with you inside your car, at the office, or at a meeting that you want to record and be noticed.

For any question you might have about it, the camera offers a very comprehensive instruction manual written in English.

Lastly, it has a warranty that includes a free replacement or a refund if your item doesn’t work properly.

9. Ehomful Spy Camera

I’ve left for the last products presented in this article, two cube models. The first one is made by Ehomful and is as big as a coin.

It doesn’t matter if your Wifi router works on 2.4 GHz, on 5 GHz or is a dual-band model, this extra small camera will have no problem to connect to your network.

The camera has a rechargeable battery that works on REC mode for 60 minutes. It even allows you to make offline recordings. This means that it is portable and you can take it with you and use it even if you are not in an environment where you can connect to an internet network.

The videos that its records are high-quality 1080P/960P. You can choose manually how you want them to be.

It has an app that can be installed on your phone from where you can control the camera. It is compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems; therefore, it can be downloaded from Google Store or the App Store.

This spy camera has a feature that might come in handy. It actually has some kind of built-in WiFi for live streaming videos on your phone. However, it can only be done if it is within 16 ft. Distance limit.

You can share access to it with your family and work colleagues and can the streaming video can be seen on 8 different devices at the same time.

For saving data, it has the possibility of inserting memory cards up to 128 GB.

Lastly, it has night vision and also motion detection sensors. Whenever the camera detects movement, it will send you a notification on your phone and you will be able to see in real time what is happening.

  • It has a built-in Wifi;
  • Motion detector;
  • Sends notifications;
  • Permits video streaming on 8 different devices at the same time;
  • Night vision.
  • It is not very cheap.

10. Conbrov Mini Cube Camera

I’ve left for last what is known to be the world’s smallest hidden camera. This micro cube can be mounted on a wall, on a desk or in a car. This is all up to you and your monitoring needs.

Not only that, you can record with it at any moment you want, due to its night vision capacity, but it also offers you the possibility of making snapshot pictures.

Its resolution is good regardless of the day time and the light – 720P. When it feels that the light is fading away, it automatically switches to night mode, so you won’t have to do anything. Its distance range is up to 15 feet, so it is suited for most possible situations.

It has a slot for micro SD cards that are up to 32 GB. It can continuously record. So if it finds itself in the situation when the memory card is full, it forms a loop and will erase the oldest video and will overwrite it with new information.

  • Incredible small;
  • Very easy to use;
  • Very portable;
  • Allows you to make snapshot pictures;
  • Supports night vision.
  • Doesn’t have the best image resolution;
  • No microSD card or reader included.

What is a Spy Camera?

A spy camera, also known as a hidden camera, is a device that is meant to capture video and also sometimes audio of a place or situation without being seen or known about by others except for its owner.

Mostly, they are used for different types of surveillance pursuits, but they can also be seen as involved in some commercial purposes.

One of their main purposes in the everyday world is to spy on your child’s nanny. This is why so many people know them to be nanny cams. However, the desire to know how people you are paying are doing their jobs while in your house can also extend to cleaning ladies, working men, and so on. Some people use them to check on how their kids behave while alone or even what their pets are doing (yes, this is how all those funny cat videos are being filmed).

Usually, spy cameras appear to be normal things you might find in a house such as light bulbs, wireless speakers, or a USB charger. They can be wired or wireless, connected to the internet or not. These are all properties that are met in some models and are missing in others.

A spy camera that is wired will always be attached to a storage device, while the wireless version will transmit what it records to a receiver, such as a phone within a small radius.

These new technology cameras are acknowledged as a great help when it comes to protection, security, and even investigations.

They have been used for a long time now as a frequent way by law enforcement to get evidence on criminals, so what changed in the last years is the ease they can be used by regular people in their daily activities.

6 Most Common Features of Spy Cameras

When picking the perfect device, you have to be in a situation where you can choose the best for your needs. Since technology is growing every second of the day, it is normal for the market to be saturated with thousands of spy camera models.

It is very important to know all the common features of spy cameras. This way, when you see something out of the ordinary, you will immediately make a connection and think that most probably, that model is a premium one. On the other hand, you will know that if you don’t see one of these characteristics in a spy camera, you should most probably look elsewhere.

So, let’s check them out:

1. Movement detection

This is, in my opinion, one of the most important features you could have on a spy camera. It works in a very simple way. If nothing moves in the camera’s proximity, it will remain idle and, therefore, will not consume battery and memory for no reason. However, when something starts moving, the camera will activate and will start filming. Some cameras even have the possibility to send you a notification that the motion sensor was activated.

2. Night Vision

Sometimes you need to keep an eye out of a room when there isn’t any light. Luckily, there are many cameras that offer night vision. They detect the room’s movement due to an infrared sensor.

3. WiFi Connection

WiFi connectivity means that your spy camera will be able to send you notifications whenever something that is out of the ordinary happens. Also, due to this feature, you will be able to watch the live stream directly on your phone.

4. Snapshot images

Some cameras not only that they offer great video resolution, but also permit you to take snapshot images of the room you are spying on.

5. Dual functionality

As you could already see, most of these cameras don’t look like recording devices but are packed as everyday household products. The most popular models are pens, watches, toys, light bulbs, speakers, and so on. You can even find hidden cameras in some coat hooks.

6. Audio recording

You can also find hidden cameras that will not record the video images from the room, but also the sounds.

Hidden Cameras – Common and Uncommon Models

Now that you know what the most common features a spy camera should have are, let’s see what are the most popular object that can have hidden cameras incorporated.


Button spy cameras are usually designed to be portable and not for home use. They are extremely small and look like a button (of course).

They are very practical when you have to record a discussion or a situation. However, because they are so tiny, usually their quality is not the best.

USB flash drive spy cameras

These hidden cameras look just like a regular USB storage stick. They are actually very hard to recognize. Usually, they have the camera located on the back of the stick and on the opposite side of the USB plug. They are great for office or classroom recording.

Cell Phone charger

This type is one of the most common out there. They look identical to a USB charger, and it takes power because while it’s plugged in. The camera is so tiny that you won’t see it if you don’t know where to look.

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Nanny Camera

This type of camera usually is located inside a toy in your child’s room and is meant to spy on the nanny to see if it treats you kid in an appropriate way or not. It can be any kind of toy, so don’t be fooled if there is no teddy bear in the room.

Clock Radio

There is nothing less obvious as a radio. Everybody has one, so who could think to search for a hidden camera inside an old school clock radio device?

You will even find this kind of model with night vision, so they are the perfect cover-up.

Smoke Detector

These are considered some of the best hiding places to put a camera. They are located high on the wall. Therefore the angle is great for recording. Also, nobody pays any attention to a smoke detector.

However, if all the other objects were perfectly working ones, these smoke detectors are not really there to detect smoke. They are only used as a decoy.


This model is built into a doorways peephole. This means that if somebody rings or is located in the doorway, you will be able to see who’s there. These cameras come in multiple shapes and forms, and some are even connected to your smartphone.

Not so common models

I will only take a short walk through some of the models that I find to be very interesting but are not so used and popular.

  1. Men’s shower gel – the camera is located in a refillable shower gel. It usually doesn’t start recording without a previous set up, be sure to check any potential devices when you rent a place.
  2. Bathroom tissue box – this model looks identical as a Kleenex tissue box and are very hard to trace down.
  3. Toilet brush – to complete the bathroom spy cameras curiosity, I think that you should know that if you go to a strange house, you should be aware that this object can be more than a filthy household article.

Buyer’s Guide – How to Pick the Best Spy Camera for You

As you can see, there are many features a spy camera can offer you. The real question you should ask yourself is how many of these characteristics do you actually need.

Because of this, I recommend you to check this next buyer’s guide and make a list of what you need and what you don’t need from a hidden camera.

This way, at the end of this part, you will be one step closer to your dream spy tool.

#1 Resolution

Image resolution represents the number of pixels that can be represented on the camera’s display. You probably know this, but I will say it nevertheless. The pixel is the smallest piece of color that can be presented on the monitor. This means that the more elevated the resolution, the clearer the image will be.

Most of the gadgets that I’ve presented today have the capacity of high definition (HD) recordings of 1920 X 1080P.

This is not the best you can get nowadays, but it’s not bad. If you want more, you can even find spy cameras that will record and give you 4K images. Of course, they come at higher prices and usually are bigger in size as well. If you want good 4K cameras, you can look at what GoPro has to offer, but again, they are not so tiny.

#2 Frame Rate

Videos are created by numerous still images that are presented in a fast sequence. This means that the movie will be better if the graphics are replayed faster. This is what is called the frame rate. This notion is measured in fps (frames per second). For better videos, you should look for a higher frame rate.

To give you an example, a decent frame rate requires to be faster than 12 fps. Usually, they come in 30 fps, which is remarkable considering their size.

#3 Motion Detection

There are many reasons why you should pick a model that has the possibility to detect any kind of movement. From saving resources such as power and memory to send you notifications when somebody is trespassing your perimeter, there are really a lot of motives to take into consideration this factor.

#4 Night Vision

Usually, when you want to keep an eye on a room, you want to supervise it regardless of the time of day and night. But how can you see what is happening there if there is no light on?

Luckily, there are many models of spy cameras that can record even if there is pitch black. In order to be able to do this, they are equipped with infrared lights. This means that they can light up the area of perception so the camera can pick up the target.

You should know that the infrared light is invisible to the naked eye, so you should not worry that due to this, somebody can track your device down.

As a general rule, the more infrared lights, the better the quality of the image, and of course, the greater the price. So, think about how much do you need this feature before you make a decision.

#5 Recording Time

Usually, the recording time of a spy camera depends on the battery size. So, since these gadgets are so tiny, don’t expect the battery to do wonders.

You can increase this run-time with the help of memory cards and power banks. However, keep in mind that most hidden cameras have a loop system when it comes to the recorded information saved on the cards. This means that when the card is full, it deletes the older recording, overwriting it with new videos. So, make a habit and check it from time to time.

Another aspect to consider is that usually, the night vision needs more battery than when filming during daylight.

#6 WiFi Connectivity

Nowadays, you can find many models that let you connect the spy camera to an internet network. This means that everything that the camera catches, you can see on your phone through an app.

Also, you can receive notifications regarding any movements or watch live streams.

#7 Endurance and Warranty

You probably don’t want to think about this aspect when you buy a new device, but actually, the warranty and durability are two factors that you should take into consideration.

If the gadget is designed properly, usually its manufacturers trust in their work and offer a better warranty and refund policies.

This being said, you should look for models that have a good warranty and is promised to last the longest.

How to Set Up your Hidden Camera in 5 Steps

So I can consider that you are now at the point when you already know what kind of spy camera you are going to buy. So let’s see how you can do the set up on your brand new gadget.

  • Step 1: Unbox the spy camera and read its instructions, so you know exactly how to use them without breaking it.
  • Step 2: Plug-in the camera to a power source if it needs one. If it runs on a battery, be sure to fully charge it.
  • Step 3: Connect the antenna to the wireless transceiver and secure the power cord at the end of it. After that, plug the power equipment into a socket.
  • Step 4: Install the software that comes with your kit on your computer. Usually, you should receive a CD with the installation kit, but if it doesn’t come with one, you will find the instruction manual the steps you have to take.
  • Step 5: Plug-in the wireless receiver by using the USB port on your PC or laptop. This way, you should be capable of seeing everything your camera is seeing.

In Conclusion To

I hope that this article was fun to read and also educative. Now, You understand how easy it is to buy and use a spy camera and also how easy it is to be filmed without your consent.

I would love to start a discussion with any of you based on the subject, so please feel free to use the comment section below.

Also, don’t hesitate to use the share button next to it and let others know that we indeed live in the world where today we have miniature ways of recording, and most probably tomorrow will have nano cameras.

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