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Have you struggled with loud noise from fans while you try to work or sleep? Worry no more and appreciate technological advancement. I have a list of the best quiet fans from which you can choose.

The ozone layer keeps depleting, and the rays of the sun are becoming harsher on the planet by the day. Virtually no one feels comfortable in hot weather. Yes! Many of us enjoy the summer, but not the ugly part of it.

It becomes so hot and sweaty, and all you want is a refreshing shower or a swim on the beach. But would you always have the luxury to dive into the cold waters?

Fans and some other cooling devices are other options. But you mostly have to deal with the noisy whirls and buzzes.

Amazingly, there are now many models of quiet fans. The electronic industry must have heard our cries about the unpleasant sounds we have to listen to while trying to enjoy a cool breeze.

They are continually putting in great effort toward producing the quietest fan. I like to call it a noise cancellation program. These gadgets promise you bliss in harsh conditions. With a quiet fan, you can enjoy a night of peaceful sleep or a serene environment in your home or workplace.

The best way to beat the harsh weather on hot days is to bring luxury to your comfort zone. Choosing the perfect quiet fan for your home or workplace can sometimes be overwhelming.

The task becomes even harder when you have no time to walk into a store, and you’re stuck with buying online. The online market provides you with an array of quiet fans, and it becomes so hard to choose which is best for you.

I have invested time and other resources into creating an ultimate guide to buying the best quiet fan available on the market. In this review, I will take you through every detail you need to know about getting the right quiet fan for you.

Best Quiet Fans for Sleeping, Home, Bedroom & Office Comparison Chart:

Before taking you on this eye-opening journey, below is a comparison chart that would give you a quick review of the top 10 quiet fans. Consider this as me giving you heads up.

ImageProductFan TypeNoise Level (dB)Remote ControlPower Usage (W)Pricing
Vornado 630 MediumFloor/Table43 - 52No51Check On Amazon
Rowenta Turbo Silence VU5551Pedestal38-55Yes50Check On Amazon
Dyson Air Multiplier AM 06Table58Yes110Check On Amazon
PureFlow QT7 Bladeless FanTable13 - 43Yes21Check On Amazon
Rowenta VU2531 Turbo SilenceTable38 - 55Yes120Check On Amazon
Vornado 133 Compact Air CirculatorTable36 - 44No25Check On Amazon
Ozeri 3xTower50Yes20Check On Amazon
Lasko T48310 Xtra AirTowerQuiet (Not specified)YesLess than 1000Check On Amazon
Honeywell Fresh BreezeTower55Yes120Check On Amazon
Lasko 2551 Wind CurveTower67Yes51Check On Amazon

Best Quiet Fans for Sleeping, Home, Bedroom & Office Reviews:

Now that you have an overview of the available quiet fans let’s now go details

#1 Vornado 630 Medium Room Fan

Vornado fans are known for their signature Vortex Technology, which allows them to provide free air circulation throughout the room. 630, in particular, is much more efficient than regular fans; it is best called an air circulator.

While a standard fan moves air directly in contact with it, an air circulator keeps the room’s air in constant motion for a better refreshing feel. The Vornado 630’s uniquely crafted grill and its deep-pitch propeller allow it to move air up to 70 feet away.

This, it does nicely at a low noise level (43dB). The Vornado 630’s grill design is removable for easy cleaning. About the control, this fan allows you a 3-speed setting, which is relatively cool. It, however, has no remote control.

Vornado 630 is designed for a small to a medium-sized room while there are other models from the company suitable for larger spaces.

It has a relatively small footprint, and it can fit well as a table or a quiet floor fan. With a 5-year warranty, you can be sure of the producer’s confidence in this product despite its relatively low price.

  • 5-year warranty
  • Moves air up to 70 feet away
  • Has no remote control
  • Quite noisy
Special Features
  • Airflow (CFM): About 363

#2 Rowenta Turbo Silence VU551

Rowenta is also best known for its ability to deliver a quality fan. Well, that’s not unusual for a German electronics company. Rowena VU551 possesses the capability to deliver so much for such a small size.

The pedestal fan is reputable for its durability and deliverance of fresh air in stealth mode with noise levels to be from 40 – 57dB.

This fan sure knows how to move air nice and quiet. VU551 also comes with an adjustable extra stable base, which is from 42-54 inches in height.

If you’re looking for a cooling device for your lounge or bedroom that wouldn’t occupy so much floor space, then this fan is for you. It is worthy of note to know that you have to pay a bit of a premium to own this baby, and that is because it is carefully designed and well built.

I would advise anyone to pick Rowenta’s Four-Speed Turbo Silence Stand Fan over a ceiling fan for any room. The five-blade Rowenta oscillates up and down and to the sides, which allows for an ultimate range of cooling.

For any household looking to purchase one fan for multi-purpose use, this is the one.

  • Strong air distribution in the whole room
  • Remote control
  • Durable
  • Short Plug
  • Quite expensive
Special Features
  • Airflow (CFM): 1,695

#3 Dyson Air Multiplier AM06

Dyson is well-known for aesthetics; it is one of the companies that make the finest and best quiet fan designs. Much more than its elegance, the 10-inch Dyson AM06 is ultra-quiet.

Functioning with an Air Multiplier technology, the AM06 allows you a ten 10-speed setting, which maxes out at 58 dB.

In most of the cases, you don’t have to turn it up to the maximum speed before you enjoy the bliss it brings you. The AM06 has a stable base; it is easy to carry for travel, and suitable for bedroom and office use.

Dyson’s AM06 fan makes no noise, and yet it is highly functional. This just shows how far technology has gone.

You can access all the functions of the fan using the tiny remote control from any corner of your room or workspace. You can easily clip the magnetic controller to the fan, which allows you to keep it safe.

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Often, most people do not consider maintenance when buying a gadget. As much as I like sophisticated devices, I love them more when they are easy to maintain – more reason why I love the Dyson AM06. Its bladeless style makes it possible for you to wipe off all dirt with a napkin in seconds.

Dyson products are pleasing to the eye and highly functional, but you have to pay for every bit of luxury you enjoy.

  • Efficient design
  • Easy to maintain
  • Expensive
  • The control is limited to the remote control
  • Too large for a desk fan
Special Features
  • Airflow (CFM)
  • Sleep Timer

#4 PureFlow QT7 Bladeless Fan

Greentech’s QT7 fan functions with a bladeless technology and 90-degree oscillation, which allows it to circulate strong and cool breeze in extensive coverage.

This is a lot different from the conventional fan because you feel cool without having to have air directly blowing on you by standing right before the fan.

The designers included a 90-degree vertical tilt feature that allows you to turn the head of the fan up or down, which caters to a different home setting. So, you could still enjoy the refreshing airflow, whether you’re standing or lying on the mat.

The base of this fan is small, but it sits comfortably on a desk, and it can also serve as a quiet floor fan. The portable sized QT7 features a 12-speed setting, which makes it more convenient to control how much airflow you need in the room.

At the highest speed setting, the PureFlow QT7 fan makes a maximum noise of 43dB while its minimum noise level is 13dB, which is indeed credible. An added spice is that this fan has an adjustable timer that allows you to shut it down at a later time automatically.

The PureFlow QT7 is one of the safest fans and probably the quietest fan around. Being a bladeless fan makes it perfect for those who have kids and pets around.

However, it is designed for single or two-person use. PureFlow QT7 isn’t much of beauty relative to what Dyson offers, but the manufacturers made sure it is a fantastic device.

  • 12-speed settings which allow for fine-tuned control.
  • Oscillating feature.
  • Allows for 90-degree up or down tilt.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Noisy speed selector sound.
  • Suitable for single or two-person use.
Special Features
  • Airflow (CFM): 198 (Quite functional)
  • Sleep Timer: Yes

#5 Rowenta VU2531 Turbo Silence

Who knew there could be so much power without noise at all? Rowenta’s VU2531 is probably the quietest desk fan available today. With five blades emitting powerful cool breeze at 38dB at its lowest speed and 58dB at its highest, you would definitely want to buy this fan.

It wasn’t dubbed Turbo Silence for anything. The 90 degrees oscillating capability allows the 12-inch head circulates air throughout the room in all directions.

What if we tell you that VU2531 features a four-speed setting which provides a wide range of options when determining how much air you need in your room or office. All you need to do is reach for the knob at the base or use the remote control.

Talking about the base, Rowenta VU2531 is designed with a wide base of support, which makes it perfect for a tabletop. The manufacturer of this fan provides a 16-inch stand, which makes it convertible to a stand fan. Talk Versatility, Talk Rowenta!

Much more than its strength and versatility, the Rowenta VU2531 is portable and easy to carry around. You probably only need one for your office and room; it doesn’t occupy so much space.

  • Moves air up to 1,695 cubic feet per minute
  • 4-way speed
  • Not durable
  • Blades are plastic
  • Top-heavy
  • Quite costly for its type
Special Features
  • Airflow (CFM): 1,695 (Both 4 and 5 Speed)

#6 Vornado 133 Compact Air Circulator

Vornado, best known for its Vortex signature design, has done well to manufacture the Vornado 133 Compact Air Circulator. The fan is embedded with 2-speed settings, which allow it to have a multi-directional flow. It has an overall height of 8.7 inches.

That means you can comfortably place it on your desk. Don’t let the height fool you. It may look small, but it performs mightier than it seems. The build of the fan has made it easy for consumers to give it easy maintenance.

Just remove the grill and shoot. An attention grabber is a 5-year warranty that comes with it. You don’t get that much warranty from product manufacturers, do you? The compact design appliance is easy to assemble upon setting up.

You don’t have to go through too much fuss in assembling it. In case you’re looking to move into a small apartment, office or condo, the Vornado 133 Compact Air Circulator is one companion you may want to consider.

  • Only suitable for small areas
  • No remote control
Special Features
  • Energy Saver
  • CFM of 25 ft

#7 Ozeri 3x Tower Fan

Talking about a state-of-art fan, Ozeri 3x Tower is one that comes with a high recommendation. The 3x Tower fan is equipped with canted fan blades that have been programmed to reduce blade noise and capture the pleasant sounds of the airflow.

Because of the way the blades have been designed, which is to generate opposing sound waves, the noise rank is 50dB.

Speaking of the technological advancements, the fan boasts of unrivaled technology due to the three independently controlled fans and speeds, which as a result, blesses you with nine levels of fresh and cold air, accompanied by customized airflow.

One of its distinguishable features is the pre-programmed airflow to help you sleep better at night.

Of course, this comes with comfort that the 90-degrees whisper-quiet oscillation the fan has to offer, which helps to circulate the air.

Also, its LED control panel gives the thrill, which allows you to access all its features, including a 7.5-hour timer to be programmed in 30-minute increments. The exterior design is one attention grabber.

Why? Its innovation is stylistic and digital in its build as it’s a part of the world’s thinnest fans and speaking of attraction, equipped with a reinforced base stand made of glass.

  • Efficient design
  • Display and control panel
  • Remembers settings when turned off
  • Remote control
  • Develops loud noises in oscillation
  • Bright lights in a dark room
Special Features
  • Passive noise reduction technology

#8 Lasko T48310 Xtra Air

If you are a person with a difference and you want a quiet tower fan that has a notable difference too, then Lasko T48310 will put an end to your search.

Not only does it have an oscillation that helps to circulate airflow, but it also has an ionizer that ensures you don’t have to worry about fresh air. This baby blows air like the cool breeze of the night.

With the option of selecting speed levels, you can adjust the airflow intensity to your convenience. Consumer convenience is one of the top priorities.

It also comes with remote control, which makes it better to enjoy the comfort of using a remote control from your convenience than operate the features on the fan?

With a height of 48 inches, which puts it as part of the tallest fans on the market, its design makes you want to sit down to count your costs as it comes with style. The 12-pound device is portable and, thus, saves you space.

Looking at the shiny silver design would make you think it is an antique at first. It will do well to serve as decorating equipment to your room. It also comes with a 1-year warranty in case you have issues with the product after purchasing it.

Special Features
  • T.L Listed

#9 Honeywell Fresh Breeze HYF048

This device right here is one you would love to have in your home. The 3-speed digital tower fan is equipped with an ionizer which allows you to have the feeling of cool breeze in your home. This is better enjoyed when you have a serene environment.

The oscillator grants it the ability to distribute air with ease. It also comes with a washable air filter that helps you remove dust.

It also comes with a remote control that has a flashlight as an additional feature that comes in handy when it is dark. Built for your peace, not only on your mind but also on your wallet as it reduces energy costs.

It boasts of a mighty wind generator that circulates more air than some typical blades. It can also be programmed to shut itself off at intervals.

Not to forget to mention, it has an infrared technology that works with the remote. Honeywell Fresh Breeze comes with a 1-year warranty.

The machine is a powerful one, and it will do well for small and medium-sized rooms.

  • Consistent Airflow
  • Quiet and powerful
  • Stylish and effective
  • Cost-effective
  • Protective grills
  • Heavier than some other tower fans
  • Time-consuming in maintenance
Special Features
  • Extended range remote control
  • Unrivalled technology

#10 Lasko 2551 Wind Curve

One fantastic feature of the Lasko 2551 Wind Curve is the marveling capacity it has for air delivery. It comes in a stylish design with fine metallic body parts. This allows it to function as a decorative piece in your room.

As a result of the materials used in constructing it, it makes the fan durable and doesn’t easily crack when it falls.

Embedded with a wind curve profile, it serves as a support for airflow. Being equipped with a fresh air ionizer, you can’t go into your room without feeling the cool, crisp air that welcomes you. It never goes without notice.

It possesses electronic controls that are supported with remote control and weigh 15.5 Ibs. To guard against carelessness, there’s a place reserved for the placement of the remote when not in use.

The 42.5-inch-tall appliance has a widespread oscillation that allows for effective delivery of air and a 7.5-hour energy-saving timer. To cap it all, it has a handle that will enable you to move it from place to place with ease

  • Built-in carry handle
  • Requires simple assembly
  • Safety fuse
  • Quite tedious to maintain
  • Limited oscillation (45 degrees)
Special Features
  • 1-year warranty
  • Electronic controls

Checking The Quiet Fan Buyer’s Guide

What to Consider When Buying a Quiet Fan

Please note that there’s a thin line between a regular fan and a quiet fan. This article aims to help you know why you need quiet fans and to help you navigate your way towards getting the best quiet fan and the benefits of doing so.

That being said, you may start to wonder why you need a quiet fan. After all, a fan is a fan as long as it does its job. But that’s maybe because you haven’t come across fans that operate with a difference.

The difference in terms of speed, power consumption, oscillation, noise range, quality, durability, and other notable features. Don’t get it twisted. Fans circulate air; they are not cooling agents like the air conditioners.

You need a quiet fan for the sake of your sanity. You wouldn’t want to think twice about switching on your fan because it makes a lot of noise, and as such, you’d prefer to be at the mercy of the weather condition rather than being disturbed by the noise emanating from the fan.

You also need a quiet fan at your place of work, a fan that wouldn’t have to interrupt your concentration from that crucial work that demands focus, or worse still, a nuisance to your work environment.

There are also different types of quiet fans. They include Tower fans, Ceiling fans, Table fans, Shop fans, and Room fans.

For the sake of this article, you will be getting exclusive information on what you need to know when you want to consider getting a fan; the go-to fans and the “steer-clear” kind of fans, the pros and cons of getting a fan, and at the end, you’d be able to distinguish between the loudest fan and the quietest fan.

And also, to not dash your cash and realize you bought a disappointment for so much. Below are the factors to consider when getting a fan:

The Site of Use

Say, you woke up one morning and decided to take your little Beetle car for a spin on a very bumpy road that’s not car-worthy. The vehicle may most likely spend a night or two at the mechanic’s place, depending on how bad the situation is and how good your mechanic is. Next time, you’d consider taking your pick-up truck. The same applies to the fan you want to get.

When you want to get a fan, do you ask yourself a question like, “Is this particular fan appropriate for where it’s needed?” Like the size, the purpose, the noise level, and the power output and consumption.

The size and type of fan you want to get depends heavily on where you want it to cool. There are some fans built for some environments, and it is only wise to find the appropriate fan.

For example, for lounge rooms or large bedrooms with floor space to spare, the Rowenta Turbo Silence VU551 is one suitable fan to consider. If you want a fan you can place on your table at home or desk at work, the Vornado 133 Compact Air Circulator is the perfect fit for that environment.

Also, you wouldn’t want to get this fan if you want it to serve about 35 people at the same time at home or work.


As part of the assurances that manufacturers give about how good their product is, they provide a warranty on their products to get the products repaired in case it gets damaged or better still swap it for another one.

The question is, how long is the warranty of the fan that you want to buy? Imagine buying a fan for $150, and it got damaged after a year, of which one year is the warranty on the product.

You might want to accept your loss in good faith. While some quiet fans have a one-year warranty, some have a warranty for up to five years.

Features of the Quiet Fan

The features a fan possesses are as important as the fan itself. The primary function of fans is to circulate air around a given environment. But some fans have been designed to suit individual tastes.

It depends on what you want. We’re going to be looking at the features to be considered when you want to buy a quiet fan. All of them are quiet, but some are just better than the others. Below are the essential features a quiet fan possesses:


There’s a reason we’re focusing on quiet fans, and It is because of the noise levels they produce that sets them apart. Although these fans are quiet, quiet is quite relative.

Quiet fans possess varying degrees of noise levels. While some are somewhat manageable, others, you may as well hear the drop of a pin provided the environment is peaceful, and the fan is not a disruptor of that peace.

The noise levels are measured in Decibels (dB). Hence, you may want to ask for the number of decibels a fan produces before you drop that hard-earned cash to be repaid by noise from your fan at home.

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Max Air Flow

In case you see something like CFM on the manual, it stands for Cubic Feet per Minute. What it means is the amount of air the fan can move in 60 seconds. But the problem with an increased CFM is the inevitability of noise. Basically, select a fan where both are balanced.

The Blades

To know if a fan is likely to give you noise problems, check the shape of the blades. The blades are a factor in determining if a fan will make noise or not.

Because airflow and noise levels are two sides of a coin, manufacturers are working to improve the aerodynamics of increasing the airflow output without making much noise. The speed and diameter of the blades are also important factors in determining the output of the fan.

The diameter of the blades places a balance between the performance output of the fan and the noise levels. If you are no expert at math or identifying the diameter of an object, taking along someone who does will not go out of the ordinary.


The question “How long will it last?” is one that always pops up when one wants to buy a product intended to be used over a long period of time. Some quiet fans are more durable than others. Those that are made with plastic are less likely to be durable than those made with any form of iron.


Health is wealth. Proper maintenance of home appliances is as important as maintaining a fan of any kind. People want a quiet fan that can be easily maintained. No one wants to have difficulties in maintaining an appliance, and one wouldn’t want dust to be blowing across the room instead of the feeling of fresh air.


An average human wants cost-friendly products, especially when the products can offer much for a relatively affordable price. Fans are no exception. Some fans are expensive because their reputation precedes them for the kind of services they offer.

Some are expensive, and you’ll get exactly what you paid for. Most importantly, it will be wise if you tailor the purchase of a quiet fan along with your budget. One thing is sure; that you will get a quiet fan that is within any of your budget plans.

Time of Use

It may seem like nothing, but these quiet fans have time by which they function the most or better still, the purpose for which they were built.

For instance, a window fan is good at night for sleeping as it draws cool air from the breeze outside. Such a fan will prove ineffective during the scorching heat of the day.


You have to ask yourself if the fan is powerful enough to circulate air where you intend to fix it. Compare and contrast the size of the fan you want to buy and the space you want to fix it in. You wouldn’t want to buy a fan too big or small.


Is the fan safe to use? Can it be easily knocked over? Can it hurt little kids in case of restlessness? Or you have pets? Get a fan that doesn’t do more harm than the good it was made to do.


There are some fans built to be adjusted. Adjustment in terms of height to position it where your bed is or while you’re standing. Also, in terms of power and speed, are the settings multi-powered? The number of alternatives lies with you. Through this, you can adjust the fan to your comfortability.

Remote Control

Does the fan have a remote control? Remote controls are very effective in operating fans. Just a relatively close distance to the fan gives you different options for operating it. Most fans have a majority of the settings on the remote and the basics on the fan.

How to Use Quiet Fan Properly

1. Don’t Point it directly at yourself

This may sound ridiculous at first thought. But think about it. You come back after a long day at work to meet your room very stuffy, and you’re feeling the heat as well.

You switch on the fan and point it directly to your face. Placing the fan near the window works more wonders than directing it to your face. Reason being that it blows off the hot air in the room and allows the cool air to come in through your other window.

You must have seen it. This is typical in restaurants’ kitchens where a lot of heat abides. This works well for a window fan and some other fans too.

2. Read the Situation

Some fans work at their best when you can read the situation of the atmosphere. Your house room is quite hot, but you would prefer to walk barefoot because the ground is cool.

This is because the cooler air is patiently sitting at the floor level, waiting for you to utilize it. In this situation, a floor fan comes to play. The Vornado 630 is an example of a floor fan that can help circulate that cool air you want to be intimate with.

Installation Of Quiet Fans

1. Preparation of the site

Before you install a quiet fan, it is pertinent to note that you have to prepare where it is going to stay. As said earlier, the environment determines the type of fan you want to get.

Are there kids where you are going to install it? Are there pets that can knock over your fan, or will the fan serve a nuisance rather than a blessing to you and your colleagues at work?

Preparation of the site of installation is as essential as installing the fan itself

2. Mounting

Mounting a fan isn’t something for which you have to call an engineer or expert. It’s as simple as preparing an early morning tea. However, as fans are different, so also their mounting.

There are fans you mount on the wall, some under the ceiling. Others, like the tower fans, just have to stand.

3. Screwing

The screwing is an essential part of the setting up of any fan. Most fans require little screwing because the main components have been assembled, so it’s just a little work left for you.

Others require a lot of screwing, especially if you have to fix the blades to the rotor or setting the base stand for it to have a firm stance on the ground. Table fans require little or no screwing. Tower fans require a little screwing for the base.

Basically, it depends on the kind of fan it is. And every fan comes with a manual, so the instructions on how to screw have been written there.

In Conclusion To

With all these said, your overall sanity is important, and purchasing a quiet fan is as important as maintaining your health. If you are someone who battles insomnia, a loud fan will do you no good, especially when you are already seeing hopes of sleep coming through, only to get dashed by the noise that comes from your fan.

The above fans have been suggested for your choice of selection, and they are all good for you. Some manufacturers have employed bladeless technology, so you will not have to hear a thing from your fan while sleeping.

They have also been tailored to meet whatever plans you have made with your budget. So whichever suits you, be sure to go for it. Have a noise-free life!

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