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Do you need to utilize that space up there in your house?

If yes, we promise you will make the best decision.

An attic pull-down ladder is just the best type of ladder for you. Endeavor to read through this article.

An attic is one of the necessary things you may need in your home if it suits you. It is a very cool place to store your items and other things. Some may be of use, others, not so well.

Either way, you get the advantage of de-congesting the space of your home downstairs, which in turn makes you have brilliant ideas on how to have an organized home in terms of physical structures.

Having an attic can come in handy when you least expect it. You may have known it for storing items, but you never know how useful it is when you need to accommodate people rather than objects.

In other words, it is easily convertible, which means, a 3-bedroom house can become a 4-bedroom house and back. As a result of this, it adds value to your home.

But how do you get to the attic? Surely not with a permanently installed staircase, that is slightly uncomfortable and quite expensive. A pull-down attic stair is of relevance to the attic, which grants you easy access to the loft without serving as a form of an obstruction within your home.

The attic stairs are as important as the attic itself. It allows you to reach that area you feel you can’t reach in the attic. If you would be visiting your attic frequently, you might as well do it in confidence and style.

You need a pull-down attic stair that is reliable, safe to use, and, of course, durable. Below are the best pull-down attic stairs we have picked out for you to save you the stress and time of deciding which to buy.

Best Pull Down Attic Stairs Comparision Table:

ImageProductDimensions (Inches)Weight (Pounds)Weight CapacitySize (Feet)Pricing
Werner AA151052.6 x 14 x 8.315.52507 – 9’10Check On Amazon
FAKRO 6680247 x 25 x 12 683007’5 – 8’11Check On Amazon
FAKRO LST 6687531x 22 x 16753007’2 – 9’6Check On Amazon
Louisville A229GS54 x 25.5 x 12.253.23507’9 - 10Check On Amazon
Louisville Ladder S305P49 x 25 x 8 703507 – 9Check On Amazon
FAKRO LMS 6686954 x 30 x 9 713507’11 – 10’1Check On Amazon
Telesteps 1000L OSHA37 x 22 x 82330008-OctCheck On Amazon
Louisville Ladder AL258P68.2 x 24.1 x 12 6635010-DecCheck On Amazon
LOUISVILLE LADDER 16 AL228P120 x 90 x 14463.835010-DecCheck On Amazon
FAKRO LWS-PL 6685354 x 22 x 12753007’11-10’9Check On Amazon

Best Pull Down Attic Stairs Reviews:

#1 Werner AA1510

Talking about user-friendly utilities, I’ll put this attic drop-down stair somewhere on top of the list. Compact, light in weight, and body-build made of aluminum, the Werner AA1510 is a pull-down attic stair for small openings. It is exceptional for narrow hallways and tight spaces.

Because of its telescopic design, you can access untapped spaces in the attic. Because it’s lightweight, it can be easily pulled down and pushed up, and it gets easier with the help of an assist pole for convenience.

Measuring up to 7-10’9 feet, this telescopic pull-down attic stair fits into any ground-ceiling height, and the feet of the ladder are made for easy adjustments. Scarring your beautiful floor shouldn’t be of concern to you as it has non-marring feet that leave no marks on the ground.

This aluminum attic access ladder weighs 15.5 pounds and can withstand 250 pounds of weight for whatever domestic activities you might want to do.

If you want a ladder to do some heavy work, you may have to consider other alternatives. If it is intended as a pull-down garage ladder, be certain you won’t be doing a lot of heavy lifting up it.

  • Easy to use.
  • Door included.
  • Assist pole included.
  • No clear instructions on some parts for installation.
  • Door lock material not suitable for use.
  • Cannot hold more than 250 pounds of weight.

#2 FAKRO 66802 Insulated Attic Ladder

Made of fine wood, and in five different sizes, this ladder was built with comfort in mind. The Fakro 66802 insulated pull-down attic stair comes with a door that makes it well-balanced and stable and easy to use.

It weighs 68 pounds and can withstand a weight of 300 pounds. Quite outstanding! Its adjustable weight of 7-9 feet makes it comfortable for you to manipulate the height to fit the floor-ceiling height.

An exciting feature it possesses is the insulation of the wooden frame. This reduces the burden on your wallet concerning energy costs. It also has slip-free steps to guarantee security and stability.

It is straightforward to install, and it comes with an assist pole. If you are a lover of finely finished wood, this is just the ladder for you.

  • Easy to install.
  • Reduces energy loss.
  • Withstands 300 pounds of weight.
  • Stylish in aesthetics.
  • Wooden frame not durable.
  • Ladder angle is steep.

#3 FAKRO LST 66875

To users who are fans of stylish products, the Fakro LST 66875 modern pull-down steel attic stair isn’t something you’d want to miss. The ladder is known for its elegant and trendy outlook with a body design that looks like an accordion.

Because of this, it is the first feature that calls the attention of users. It’s also designed in such a way that it will not take up extra space in the room, especially for narrow pathways.

This is a pull-down attic stair with handrail, the presence of which results in enhanced elegance and which also serves a support system in terms of security. Along with the handrail for safety is an embossed pattern on the surface of the steps. This is to prevent slipping off.

Unlike most iron materials, the stairs are rust-resistant.

Even though it is a metal pull-down stair, the door is made of wood and is insulated, which reduces energy costs. It weighs 75 pounds and can withstand 300 pounds of weight and in addition, two years warranty.

  • Elegant design.
  • Maximum security guaranteed.
  • Durable.
  • Insulated door frame.
  • Quite heavy.

#4 Louisville A229GS

The manufacturers of this particular heavy-duty attic access ladder have a reputation for producing quality and affordable ladders, and the Louisville A229GS is no exception.

This large pull-down attic stair can withstand a weight of 350 pounds, which means you can transport a considerable weight of heavy objects into and out of the attic. This is possible because of the body-build, which is strongly built yet light in weight. It allows you to have an additional space in your home.

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The door of the ladder is accompanied by a gas cylinder, which makes opening and closing the door stress less.

The ladder also has a remarkable feature of insulating agents that holds warmth and can lessen the money spent on electricity bills.

With the foot of the ladder scratch-free and adjustable legs that allow reaching a ceiling height of 7’9 to 10 feet, this ladder is just off the charts.

Amazingly, it is accompanied by all accessories necessary for installing it. Even though it is a cheap pull-down attic stair, it doesn’t compromise on quality affordable and should be considered if you ever think of buying pull-down stairs.

  • Adequately equipped.
  • Easy to lift.
  • Easy to install.
  • Firm construction.
  • Joints are likely to loosen easily.
  • The wood frame is of low quality.

#5 Louisville Ladder S305P

With opening dimensions of 30 by 60, an adjustable ceiling height of 7-8’9 feet, and a body-build made of wood, the Louisville S305P Ladder is one to check out.

This attic hideaway stair can be easily installed as it is pre-assembled. This pull-down attic stair’s kits are readily available, and instructions on easy installation have been provided.

This includes hanging straps (which serves as a support system for the installation process), plywood shims, and roofing nails and makes installation done in a jiffy. The ladder gives off durability and stability as the step depth is 5.375 inches, which grants extra reinforcements for slip prevention.

It also possesses metal hinges to reduce side motions. It comes with an elegant wood finish and an adjustable spring tension. The aluminum feet prevent scratches on the floor.

It is a heavy duty pull-wood attic stair that can carry 350 pounds of weight, which is very much enough for whatever loads you may be transporting.

  • Is accompanied by deep reinforced steps for added security and stability.
  • Has a smooth finish to meet high standards.
  • The door is not well insulated.
  • Springs not strong enough to keep the door closed.
  • Instructions are not quite clear.

#6 FAKRO LMS 66869 Insulated Steel Attic Ladder

With the FAKRO LMS 66869 insulated Steel Attic Ladder, you can enjoy easy access to your attic. With a height of 7’11 – 10’1 feet designated to meet the standard floor to ceiling requirements and a weight capacity of 350 pounds, you can transport your objects to the attic, both heavy and lightweight alike.

The hatch and frame are made of high-quality wood made of pine while the ladder is made of powder-coated metal. Not forgetting to mention, the hatch can be painted and finished to suit whatever desires you have for interior design.

Opening the hatch is done in style as the mechanism allows the ladder to open gradually. This prevents sudden openings and will enable you to control its movement. While open, the same mechanism holds the hatch to prevent it from slamming shut on you.

This sliding pull-down attic stair also comes with a measure that prevents heat loss. With a feature of insulation made of rubber gasket between the boards, you don’t have to worry about bills spent on energy. It conserves heat quite well. And the steps are slip-free so you can have a worry-free climb and stability.

It also bears mentioning that this is a pull-down attic stair for rough openings.

  • Weight capacity of 350 pounds without problems.
  • It is made of strong insulated steel.
  • The option of choosing from two different heights and five opening sizes.
  • The ladder comes with a narrow design.
  • Springs need external assistance to close the ladder.

#7 Telesteps 1000L OSHA Attic Ladder

The Telesteps 1000L OSHA Attic ladder is a magnificent ladder that does so much for such a ladder. The actual weight is 23 pounds and can carry anything that is not more than 300 pounds and comes with a safety feature.

It is safe for use and easy to extend and retract. It comes with its technology with an automatic up and down an operation that runs smoothly on a patented one-touch release mechanism.

It is a 10-foot pull down attic stair that can be used for a floor-ceiling height of 8-10 feet. Its fully extended length is 33 inches to 10 inches.

  • The ladder is fully compliant with OSHA standards.
  • Accompanied good automation operation capability.
  • No door included.
  • Strings can break over repeated use.

#8 Louisville Ladder AL258P Stair

The aluminum ladder is a rather tall one as it has a floor-ceiling height range of 10 feet to 12 feet. It has a weight of 66 pounds and a weight capacity of 300 pounds, which can handle heavy-duty within that capacity.

It can let you gain access to the most little places of the attic, allowing you to explore every corner of the room. Accompanied by it is a full-width door that grants large objects safe passage into and out of the attic.

The ladder contains a hanging strap, pull cord, support straps, shims for squaring, nails, bolt lock nuts, and adjustable aluminum feet, all to make installation easy for you.

Although a fantastic ladder, it is not recommended for houses with roof trusses.

  • Inhibits side to side movements, thereby ensuring safety and stability.
  • It contains two different opening sizes and two different heights.
  • Legs swing towards you when opened.
  • Demands the strength of two people to open the ladder.

#9 LOUISVILLE LADDER 16 AL228P Extension-Ladder

With a rough opening dimension, which is precisely 22.5 by 63 inches and a floor-ceiling height of 10 – 12 feet, the Louisville AL228P makes attaining your attic a steady one. It is accompanied by a hook and a pole that assists in opening the door.

That way, you won’t encounter any difficulties in opening and closing the door. The weight capacity of 350 pounds guarantees delivery of quality in terms of security. The adjustable feet and metal hinges to reduce movement on the sides reinforce safety when in use.

A pre-installed insulated door and the body build of quality materials to ensure durability is additionally a notable feature for the stairs. One of the attractive perks of using this product is the high-security measures that either meet or surpass security standards.

Safety is key, which places this ladder as a superb choice if you are to consider safety, among other factors.

This garage pull-down attic staircase is built in such a way that it is painless to install. This is made possible with the installation kits that comprise plywood shims, roofing nails, hang straps, aluminum feet, and an instructional manual that assists you with the installment process.

It is a great pull-down attic stair for your garage as with it, you will be able to put the space above your garage to good use.

  • Standard safety features.
  • Easy to install.
  • Accompanied by an instructional manual.
  • Two people needed for installation.
  • Use of staples to assemble the frame.
  • The door is not airtight..

#10 FAKRO LWS-PL 66853 Insulated Attic Ladder

With the FAKRO LWS PL 66853 folding pull-down attic stair, you can easily and conveniently gain safe access into and out of your attic. The 7’11-10’9 height feature gives you easy access into the attic without any worries, including the lofts with rough openings.

It has a folding technique that allows you to fully utilize the ladder to its maximum capacity without planting second thoughts in your head by installing a space-consuming staircase.

It can be easily fixed by two people, which can be done in little or no time, and the height is easily adjustable. The feet of the ladder are fully insulated with rubbers that are provided to war against the loss of heat in the home.

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The box frame is made of quality-pine material, and it is blessed with a unique opening mechanism for the hatch to make sure it doesn’t open suddenly to endanger you.

It is very safe, as it is a pull-down attic stair with railing. Couple this with the fact that also has features that guard against slip accidents. The weight capacity is 300 pounds, and its potential initial weight is 75 pounds. It comes with an opening rod and has a 2-year warranty.

  • 2-year warranty.
  • Sleek design.
  • Too narrow steps.
  • Door not fitting accurately.

Choosing Pull-Down Attic Stairs Buying Guide:

Now that you’ve been equipped with knowledge on the best pull-down attic stairs, no doubt you’d want to get one. But you may still not be clear as to which of the attic step ladders you should go for.

Or you love two attic access pull-down stairs, but can only afford one, and you are torn between choosing one of the two. This buying guide aims at providing you with the necessary pieces of information needed on the factors to consider when you want to get a pull-down attic staircase.

You deserve too much than a pull-down staircase that is dedicated to making life unbearable for you. Factors to consider when choosing a drop-down stair for your attic include the weight capacity, the features, safety approval, and, sometimes, the brand.

Below are factors to consider to help you get your pull-down stairs:

Height and Width Of Your Ceiling To The Floor

Before you get a pull-down ladder, it is pertinent first to know the distance of your ceiling to the floor. A measurement will do just fine to gain this knowledge. Most drop-down attic stairs range from 7-10 feet. So, it will do well if the floor-ceiling distance is also within that range to make the ladder safe for use. That is not to say you can’t find longer, however, as you can.

The width is also a factor to consider. It gives more space for you to utilize as you work your way up and down the ceiling. If you are going to be moving up and down, left and right, you might as enjoy doing so with a good quantity of space at your disposal.

Weight Capacity Of Pull-Down Attic Stair

This is an essential factor that must not be overlooked. The ladders, though pretty and somewhat light in weight, they also have weight restrictions that range from 200-350 pounds.

Going beyond the weight restriction will see you to the online store shopping for another attic pull-down stairs. And yes, it will break. The weight capacity of the ladder to withstand entities include both you and whatever loads you may be transporting to and fro.

The weight restriction is also a security measure to guard against overloading and not subject the ladder to withstand more than it can carry. Your safety and well-being matters to both you and the manufacturers. Don’t screw it up.

Body-Build Quality Of Attic Stair

The type of materials used in constructing the ladders determines to an extent, how long the ladders will last. You will find aluminum attic pull-down stairs, wood pull-down stairs, and even those made of wood. But as these materials have their advantages, they also have their disadvantages.

The aluminum seems like a good option due to the lightness in weight. But with the lightweight comes lighter weight restrictions. Wood looks strong but loses durability after repeated use.

Temperature and change in moisture are also elements that negatively affect it. Steel seems to be the best of all to withstand whatever brutality may affect it and also rust-resistant, but as you know, steel is heavy.

It has to do with which of the materials is best for you. Either one of them would still work out fine. But it is crucial to know the ladder with the most durability.

Checking The Hole Of The Ceiling

This may seem less important, but for some ladders, it is. Some ceiling access stairs demand a good measurement of the ceiling access point. Else, the door of the stairs will not be shut well.

This may come in handy, especially on days when you need to transport large objects into the attic, and you realize the entrance of the ceiling is not spacious enough to grant it access into the room.

The minimum space required for opening is 22.5 x 54-inches. Be sure to start from there. So, if you are getting a ladder, ensure that the measurement of the access point matches that of the ceiling ladder door.

Insulation Factor Is Also Important

It is bad news that you do not have enough energy in your home. And it gets worse when you discover that air gets leaked through the attic door. Hence, the insulation factor.

Insulation is a significant factor to consider in your options. Examine your drop-down attic steps if it has insulation features and a stable door. This should be done to prevent air from leaking through the attic and also reduce the increment of the energy bills.

Aesthetics and Design Of Attic Stairs

Pull-down attic stairways come in different styles, which are folding, scissoring, and telescoping. That is to say, you have options between scissors, fold-down, and telescopic pull-down attic steps. Other features come with the ladders that work for the overall use of the ladders to grant the user full access to utilize the ladder.

Folding attic steps function like the name. It can be folded both manually and automatically. Each section of the attic folding stair holds on to the next to prevent the ladder from getting dismantled under one’s weight.

Telescoping ladders have connected sections, so they glide into each other, especially when closed. This makes them the perfect choice for homes with high ceilings and limited landing space. The scissors-style ladder is somewhat unconventional. It contracts and expands as you open and close it.

One of the products above looks like an accordion. That is the way a typical scissors-styled ladder is. Suit your aesthetic taste by choosing from these styles and designs, and you’d be glad you did.

Installing a Pull-down Stairs In Your Room

In this section, we’ll be looking at two critical aspects of the installation. The first is on the steps to install. The second is the security precautions that should be taken while installing.

If this is your first time installing, you’ll need some tools like a utility knife, tape measure, shims, nail gun, a reciprocating saw, ladder, screws, drill, carpenter’s square, and two boards for support.

Step By Step Guide To Install Pull-down Stairs In Your Room

If you are installing an attic for the first time, I urge you to pay attention to this to avoid any disasters later on.

  • Step 1: Look around your attic area and ensure you choose the most suitable installation spot. After doing this, examine the dimension that is needed for the opening. Also, inspect the landing space so that when you have installed the ladder, both legs of the pull-down attic step can stand firm on the floor when drawn down.
  • Step 2: While inspecting the spot, be sure to confirm if there is enough space for working when installing. If you are to be working, you might as well be comfortable doing it. Also, ensure that there are no obstructions that may hinder you from carrying out installation effectively — hindrances such as electrical installations, air ducts, etc. If there are too many obstructions in the chosen area, I suggest you find another site for installation, or you can call professionals to come and remove them.
  • Step 3: Go into the attic room and proceed to cut the potential area you earlier inspected for the installation. You can do this by measuring the space from below, and also in the attic area to ensure the locations match. You would not want to be cutting two different holes meant for one ladder. DO NOT cut into any space if you aren’t confident of the safety of the installation space. Ensure it is free from dangerous objects like electric wires. It is a risk that can’t be advised to be taken as it can result in death.
  • Step 4: Fix a new header in the middle of the joists at the opening to complete the framing. Use nails or screws to give the drywall ceiling and frame some firmness. Do so from below.
  • Step 5: In this step, you are to construct an opening frame. Screw a pair of woods together for support, this should be 1×3 and should be done across the rough opening for the pull-down attic stair. Construct a finished frame to fit into the opening and lower the frame onto the woods earlier screwed together. Then securely close it up to the framing with nails or screws with 3-inches. After this, you can go ahead to remove the woods that have been earlier screwed together for support.
  • Step 6: Fix the door panel to one side of the finished frame with the continuous joint embedded with the staircase. Inspect the swing of the drop-down attic door and ensure it closes well.
  • Step 7: After you’ve done the above, tack the left-hand spring drums to the finished frame, which should be directly above the door hinge, against the header. Install the right-hand spring drums on the other side of the frame and fasten the header-guide frame in the middle of the sets of drums. This is done to hold the upper end of the stairs in position later on.
  • Step 8: Fasten a little cable pulley to all sides of the finished frame. Set each pulley 20 inches from the header, which is on the other side of the panel joint. Drill pilot holes first, then ix each pulley with little long screws. After this, the next step is assembling the pull-down attic staircase.
  • Step 9: Position the constructed staircase in the opening created and get someone to support you while you climb up. Take the top of the stringers and press them in until the slide bars on the header-guide frame fit in smoothly into the channel grooves on the exterior of the stringers. Then fix the first three stair threads and slide the steel door guide frame onto the staircase and install it on the door panel with some little screws.
  • Step 10: With the aid of the pilot holes earlier drilled near the fourth tread, fix the cable holders to the sides of the stringers. Endeavor to get to the spring drums and reach out to the nearest cable to the header and gently draw it out. Draw the cable across the pulley and also to the cable holder attached to the door. Tie the end of the cable to the holder and also from the drum to the other side of the stairs.
  • Step 11: Do well to set the tension on the cables till the staircase cruises smoothly into place and can close without having to slam shut. If it doesn’t go as planned, tune-up the tension via the disconnection of the cables, winding them around the spring drums and re-attaching them. Give it finishing touches by creating a perimeter around the opening. Then if you want, you can paint it.
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If you cannot install the stairs by yourself, please do well to call a professional to install it for you.

Safety Measures To Take During The Installation

Below are some of the rules to which you should adhere. Some need strict adherence as carelessness could result in unwanted occurrences.

  • As said earlier, before cutting the potential spot for installation of your drop-down ceiling ladder, whether it is a fold-down ladder, a telescopic ladder, or a scissors ladder, is to check check if there are no obstacles such as air ducts, electric cables, or plumbing pipes in the way.
  • DO NOT position power saws above your head to cut ceilings. It’s very risky.
  • Ensure that when inspecting the attic, you don’t come in contact with electric cables that may be traced to anything liquid. Water and electricity are not very good friends. And you’d so hate to be caught in the middle of their feud.
  • Ensure to protect yourself with gloves, goggles, helmet, and facemask, especially when drilling to prevent yourself from your vital organs. It is also needed in cases of impact.
  • Do well to employ the use of a separate attic hatch ladder to get to high places do the installation as the ladder to be installed isn’t guaranteed to be safe until the complete installation.

Safety Measures When Using the Attic Ladder

These measures apply to all types of ladders, and whether it is a 12-foot telescoping pull-down attic stair, an ordinary attic fold-down stair, or a simple scissors ladder. Some may be applicable to some types of ladders you may possess. Furthermore, do well to read the instructions that come with the manual of the ladder.

  • The ladder is not multi-purpose. It’s an attic ladder. Don’t attempt to use it for other purposes.
  • Due to the weight restrictions and also for comfort, the ladder can accommodate one person at a time.
  • Also, due to weight restrictions, don’t overload the ladder with objects more than its weight capacity.
  • Because it is an attic ladder that doesn’t mean it is 100% safe. It can also be as dangerous as a typical loose ladder. Give it the same attention.
  • Support the slip-free provisions of the ladders by putting on footwear that is also slip-free. One can never be too safe.
  • Use the ladder where there is optimum illumination so you can see where you’re going.

In Conclusion To Choosing The Top Pull Down Attic Stairs

In this article, we have discovered the uses of an attic, the different types of attic pull-down stairs from the fold-down attic stair, to the scissor’s attic stair, and the telescope attic stair, the type of materials used in building it, and the kinds that best suit the home.

We’ve also looked at the guide to getting the best pull-down loft staircase, and the safety measures to be taken while installing and using the attic stairs.

Do well to recall that each manufacturer has different ways of designing and building attic stairs, so installing them may be different from one another. That is why this guide is there as a general piece of information to guide you through the whole process.

Waste no time in getting that ladder you want to give your house more value. Utilize that extra space and be willing to go through with it every step of the way. And don’t forget, call a professional if you cannot do it yourself.

Well, we are glad to see you are with us till here. This shows that you really enjoyed this buying guide.

If we were able to solve your problem and helped you make the best buying decision, please help us by spreading the word on your social media profile.

If you are still facing any problem, please let us know in the comment section below. We will be responding in 24 hours.

Anyway, thanks for walking with us. Have a nice day. Thanks.

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