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Whether you’re playing pool or billiards, you can’t deny that the cue stick is one of the most important tools you need to play and enjoy the game.

It is for this reason that you need a high-quality pool cue that is also well suited to you as a person.

And to help you choose the best possible cue stick for yourself, we have put together this review and guide.

With both, you will be able to make the right choice when shopping for a cue stick, and finally get that edge (or maintain it) you need to win your opponents.

Best Pool Cues For The Money Quick Overview

ImagePool Cue StickGrip WeightLengthTipPricing
Players D-JSSolid Black Multi-Zone wrap with Skull design Between 18 and 21 ounces58 inchesLe Pro Hard Oak LeatherCheck On Amazon
Champion Spider BilliardsSpecial Hybrid WrapBetween 18 and 21 ounces58 inchesTiger EverestCheck On Amazon
CUESOUL SOOCOO Series 58"No grip19 ounces58 inches7-Layered leatherCheck On Amazon
Imperial Officially Licensed NFL 2-PieceSimple Veltex Wrap-57 inches for home games
Multiple sizes
LeatherCheck On Amazon
Imperial EliminatorNo gripBetween 18 and 20 ounces52 inches-Check On Amazon
Players Classics C-9921Double-Pressed Irish Linen WrapBetween 18 and 21 ounces58 inchesLe Pro Hard Oak LeatherCheck On Amazon
Viper Commercial 1-Piece Maple-Between 18 and 21 ounces57 inchesLe Pro LeatherCheck On Amazon
Players Classics Birds-Eye MapleDouble-Pressed Irish Linen WrapBetween 18 and 21 ounces58 inchesLe Pro Hard Oak LeatherCheck On Amazon
Players PureX HXT15Double-Pressed Irish Linen Wrap18 ounces58.5 inchesKamui BlackCheck On Amazon
AB Earth 2-PieceSkidproof Ergonomic Design Painted WrapBetween 18 and 21 ounces58 inchesLeatherCheck On Amazon

#1 Players D-JS

The Players D-JS is a cue stick that has dripping card suits on its forearm. It features a loaded rubberized grip on its back-end which ensures easy and smooth handling of the stick by its users.

The stick employs a ball joint that is produced from stainless steel. This helps keep the two parts of the stick together during play and makes it easy to fit the cue stick together. Also, the Players D-JS cue stick features a skull multi-zone traction pattern and a butt cap.

This billiard cue stick was made using North American Grade-A Hard Rock Maple which is dried several times during curing and then treated with Nelsonite which protects the wood from atmospheric changes. Consequently, the wood is finished with an epoxy that ensures greater moisture protection by sealing the pores of the wood.

The cue stick is designed with a bold graphic look. It is ideal for use by amateurs that practice on both makeshift home tables and real billiard tables, as well as by professional players.

Hence, regardless of your expertise in playing the game – that is, whether you are an amateur or a professional – you can use this pool table cue stick.

The Players D-JS White with Jester is easily one of the best pool sticks for the money as it takes the poker theme to a new level with its many features.

  • The pool stick comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • The tip is designed to retain its shape and strength regardless of the number of shots it plays.
  • It features a zone grip wrap that gives its users more traction and better control over their shots.
  • It features a joint collar which is produced from stainless steel and has 18 pins.
  • It is ideal for use in both pool and billiard.
  • While Players D-JS is a good pool stick, it has a cheaper feel than expected.
  • The color might appear harsh and chemical-like.

#2 Champion Spider Billiards Maple Pool Cue Stick 18-21 oz

The Champion Spider Billiards are high-quality pool sticks that are designed for professional billiard players. The shaft of this pool stick is crafted from Grade-A, hand-selected, 100% rock maple, which is treated with Nelsonite – a patented stabilizer designed to protect the wood pool stick from atmospheric damage.

Furthermore, the wood is treated with an epoxy finish to seal the pores of the wood thereby ensuring that the moisture in the shaft is highly protected.

This pool stick has a length of 58 inches and a Tiger Everest tip with sizes between 11.75 and 13 mm which is small enough to take trick shots and durable enough to make daily plays.

Also, the stick features arrows – which work together with the spider designed on the pool stick – along the end of the stick that helps you to better line up your shots.

The Champion Spider Billiards Maple pool cue is one of the best competition cues you can choose to purchase. It is available in standard cue weights, multiple colors, and also comes with a billiards glove and case.

The pool cue stick features a hybrid wrap that is designed to last as long as the materials used in the most expensive cue sticks. Although Champion Spider Billiards Maple pool cue stick is a cheap pool cue, it is designed with excellent features that serve you optimally without causing you to go beyond your budget.

  • The pool stick is not expensive.
  • It features arrows that work with the spider design to help line up shots.
  • It features a durable hybrid wrap.
  • It comes in standard cue weights and several colors.
  • It is not of a high quality.

#3 CUESOUL SOOCOO Series 58″

If you require a cool pool cue that will serve you in your home as well as in tournaments, then the CUESOUL SOOCOO Series 58″ is an option you should consider.

The pool cue stick is made from two different pieces that are joined together by a rocket pin and a collar (which is produced from stainless steel) which allows you to apply more force on the stick during play without damaging or breaking the wood.

The wood used in producing this pool cue is Grade A++ Hand-Selected Quality Hard Canadian Maple wood, and it is much stronger than some of the cheaper woods employed in its contemporaries. It is then finished with luxury pearl white so as to ensure it is protected from moisture.

The pool cue stick has a great design that includes a bright blue base. It also features steel rings at the bottom of the stick with a rubber bumper that assists you in lining up a shot during play.

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Although the stick lacks a grip, it comes with a hard tip and cloth that can be used to wipe the cue after a game. On purchase, CUESOUL SOOCOO Series comes with a crystal joint, shaft protector and a cue towel. The stick features a weight adjusting bolt that allows you to adjust the weight to your preference.

Finally, CUESOUL SOOCOO series can be used by professionals and it has a cue tip with sizes between 11.5 mm and 12.75 mm.

  • The pool stick uses Canadian maple wood in the construction of its shaft to ensure durability.
  • It features both a stainless-steel collar and a stainless rocket pin that also ensures durability.
  • It has a length of 58 inches and it weighs 19 ounces which is suitable for both experienced and less experienced players.
  • It features a leather tip that rolls off balls smoothly.
  • It has a hard tip which can break off the cue.
  • It may not feel as heavy as expected.

#4 Imperial Officially Licensed NFL 57-Inch

The Imperial Officially Licensed NFL 2-piece cue stick is constructed from quality hard North American maple wood that is very strong and durable. It is designed for superior performance with a straight maple shaft that allows you to hit the ball without the stick deflecting off the ball.

This awesome pool cue features a lightweight ABS ferrule that aids in absorbing shock on impact. It is accompanied by a soft Veltrek grip which enhances your control of the cue stick. Each cue in this set comes with a protective leatherette case that enables the easy transportation and storage of the cue stick set.

The Imperial Officially Licensed NFL 2-piece cue stick is specially designed for fans of the National Football League who love to play pool.

This pool stick features a wrap in its center that is designed with licensed graphics of your favorite NFL team; these graphics are digitally reproduced to ensure that the colors produced are crisp and clear to see.

Apart from the pool wrap, the protective leatherette case also features a silk-screened logo detail that displays your favorite NFL team at the front. Besides, this nice pool cue features a leather cue tip that provides you with premium ball control throughout the game.

As the name implies, Imperial Officially Licensed NFL 2-piece cue stick is am imperial pool stick.

  • The pool stick is available in several designs all officially licensed by the NFL including the Dallas Cowboys and the Chicago Bears.
  • It has a soft grip that reduces fatigue and helps ensure improved control over shots.
  • It absorbs shocks from the balls and table during play.
  • It comes with a soft case that allows you to store the two pieces of the cue together.
  • As it comes in different sizes, it might be difficult to select the right size when you order.
  • It is not as durable as other cues.

#5 Imperial Eliminator Hard Rock Maple Billiard/Pool House Cue

Imperial is a company that is usually associated with the production of accessories used in playing billiards. Although the company primarily engages in the production of high-quality billiard tables, they also produce a wide range of accessories used in playing the game.

One of these accessories is the Imperial Eliminator pool cue; the stick is produced from kiln-dried hard rock maple which is the standard material employed by most cue producing companies in the construction of the pool table.

While a majority of high-quality pool cues in the world are made using maple infused with other materials to achieve better durability, the Imperial Eliminator pool cue is made from the same material as the pool table.

With a length of 52 inches, the Imperial Eliminator is slightly shorter than standard pool cues, and it can function as both a professional pool stick and an amateur or kid’s pool stick.

The short length provides you with access to your pool table – such that you can play without hitting the wall or obstructions behind you, especially when you have a limited space to play in. The cue pool stick weighs between 18 and 20 ounces and is a high-value pool cue.

  • The pool stick is only 52 inches long, and it weighs between 18 and 20 ounces.
  • It is constructed using hardrock maple, which makes it durable.
  • It lacks a grip.

#6 Players C-9921

Players Classics C-9921 is a traditional style billiard cue that is made from North American Grade A Hard Rock Maple handpicked by experienced craftsmen.

The maple is turned and dried seven times during curing, after which it is treated with Nelsonite – a patented stabilizer that functions by protecting the wood from atmospheric changes – and an epoxy finish – which seals the wood pores thereby ensuring greater moisture protection.

The cue stick features a smoke-stained Birds-eye Maple forearm and butt; natural and midnight black ring sets; cream poly joint collar; genuine black and white double-pressed Irish linen wrap; butt and butt cap; and four genuine handcrafted natural Maple inlay point.

This awesome pool cue stick has a timeless transitional look; it is appropriate for use as an amateur or kids cue stick (for practicing on a home table), and as a professional cue stick on battle-tested tournament tables.

As soon as the inlay and design of the cue stick are applied, the completed cue stick is finished with a high gloss super UV coating that provides it with an armor coating to prevent chipping and fading, thereby enhancing durability and ensuring that the cue looks and plays the same way in 20 years as it does today.

The shaft of the cue has a high-impact ferrule which further enhances its durability. Finally, the butt of the cue is made of the same material as the shaft, and it has a professional taper for long strokes; it is also treated with a special French cue wax that gives it a smooth finish thereby causing the shaft to glide through your fingers.

  • The pool stick has a lifetime warranty.
  • It is available in sizes between 18 to 21 ounces on half ounce increments.
  • It features an Irish linen wrap.
  • It is durable.
  • It is expensive.

#7 Viper Commercial/House 1-Piece Canadian Maple Billiard/Pool Cue

Viper Commercial pool cues are produced by a company known as GLD. This company was established by four friends who were looking for ways to attract customers to their Milwaukee tavern in the 1980s.

Originally, the company was created to sell darts supplies to darts scenes in Milwaukee. However, they have since grown to become a leading supplier in all dart-related products, billiards, and table games in general.

Viper Commercial 1-Piece Maple Billiard cue is constructed using quality hard Canadian Maple which is not only reliable but also dependable. It is designed for high volume use, regardless of the time of day or night.

The Viper Commercial billiard cue comes in different sizes which include a smaller 36-inch and a 48-inch size that functions effectively for little hands or in tight spaces.

To prevent warpage, each cue is coated with nine layers of varnish, which improves its quality and enhances durability. The cue is available in different weights between 18 and 21 ounces, with each weight offering a customizable assortment.

Finally, the billiard cue is finished with a 13mm Le Pro leather tip and an ABS bumper that makes it easy to consistently shape ball control and absorb shock on impact respectively.

#8 Players Classic Birds-Eye Maple with Triple Silver Rings Cue

Players Classics Birds-Eye Maple is a traditional style billiard cue that features nutmeg-stained Birds-eye Maple forearm and butt; stainless steel joint collar; solid black genuine double-pressed Irish linen; and triple silver ring sets.

It also features a timeless traditional look and is appropriate for use by anyone, whether it is an amateur player practicing on a home table or a professional who has tournament experience.

The Players Classics pool cue is constructed from North American Grade A Hard Rock Maple that is handpicked by experienced craftsmen.

The maple is turned and dried during curing, after which it is treated with Nelsonite – which protects it from atmospheric changes – and epoxy finish which seals the wood pores for enhanced moisture protection.

Immediately the inlay and/or cue design is applied, the completed cue is finished with a high gloss super UV coating that prevents it from fading and chipping.

Both the cue shaft and cue butt are constructed from the same treated and finished North American Grade A Hard Rock Maple.

They feature a professional taper for long strokes; and are treated with a special French cue wax that creates a smooth finish, thereby making the shaft easily glide through your fingers during play.

The durability of this pool cue stick is further enhanced by the high-impact ferrule on the shaft.

  • The pool stick comes with a lifetime warranty, even against warpage.
  • It has multiple weight and color options.
  • It comes with a pre-shaped tip.
  • It is durable.
  • The tip may initially require scuffing.

#9 Players PureX Technology Series HXT15

The Players HXT15 pool cue is a modern cue that has several latest technologies installed into it while still retaining a traditional design and feel. It features a proprietary HXT low deflect 1-inch ferrule which helps to improve the overall power and accuracy of the stick.

It is crafted using premium-grade hand-selected 100 percent North American Hard Rock Maple which is treated with Nelsonite, a patented stabilizer that protects the pool cue stick from atmospheric changes.

Thereafter, the cue is treated with a special epoxy finish that protects the cue from warping and moisture. It features a walnut-stained Birds-eye maple forearm and butt, and it is finished with a traditional black and white divided diamond and pincher-style point design.

This unique pool cue is not only beautiful but also has features that give you an edge during plays.

If you are in search of a pool cue for intermediate players and amateur players, the Players HXT15 pool cue is appropriate for you as it provides spectacular looks and ensures excellent performances at affordable pricing.

The cue features double-pressed Irish linen wrap that absorbs the excess sweat from your hand, thereby ensuring you are comfortable when you grip the cue.

In addition, the pool stick comes with an already fitted premium Kamui black soft cue tip which is well-known for its durability, control, and performance. When bought separately, the Kamui tip costs up to $22.

  • The pool stick has an elegant design and it provides value for the money.
  • It features a low-deflection shaft.
  • It has increased power and accuracy.
  • It comes fitted with a soft tip.

#10 AB Earth 2-Piece 58 Inches, 19-21 Oz, 13mm Tip

The AB Earth 2-Piece 58-Inches Pool cue is an awesome cue stick that is impressive for use during play with an impeccable style statement.

It provides the perfect combination of style and performance at an affordable rate. This billiard stick is sleek-looking and features an ergonomic handle design that enables superior grip.

It provides you, its user, with several attractive designs and different weight options – 18, 19, 20, and 21 ounces. Along with its great selection of colors, designs, and weights, the pool cue comes with a 180-day quality guarantee.

The unique feature of this cue is that instead of being wrapped like other sticks, its cue butt is painted and hand-polished. In addition, the ergonomic butt is designed in the shape of a skid-proof wave to provide you with a stable grip, enhance your comfort, and increase the service life of the cue stick.

The cue shaft and cue butt of this pool stick is constructed from Canadian hard maple butt which ensures its durability.

The AB Earth 2-Piece 58-Inches Pool cue is ideal for use by all pool players looking to play decent games with an exquisite cue stick, except for experts.

  • The pool stick has a 180-day warranty
  • It is hand-painted and polished which provides a good feel of the cue
  • It has multiple options
  • It features an attractive design with an ergonomic wave-shaped butt.
  • It features a sturdy and durable construction.
  • The wave-shaped butt might not be ideal for everyone.

Pool Cue Stick Buyer’s Guide

If the list we have given you is unsatisfactory to you, or you can’t find some of the listed pool cues, we have provided you with this guide for use in choosing one for yourself. Here, you will learn everything there is to know about pool cues; at least, the little required to choose a great one for use when playing.

So, if you are a fan of billiards, and you are looking to have the best possible experience every time you play, this is for you.


The first thing to consider when looking to buy a high-quality pool cue is what previous buyers say about it. That is to say that you should check out the reviews that prior users of a cue left for it: what they think about it, their experience while using it, etc.

While it is almost impossible to ask for people’s reviews when buying a pool cue at the hardware store (you will be hard-pressed to find previous buyers hanging around), you can always rely on the internet for that.

Conduct diligent research on a pool cue you like, even if it is while you are at the hardware store checking it out. A simple search on Google will turn up a lot of useful information.


Another very important factor to bear in mind when looking for a high-quality pool cue to buy is the brand. This is not true for only pool cues, but for every product ever made.

It is generally safer to go with established brands that have made a name for themselves as manufacturers of high-quality products. You can go for brands outside of the established ones though if they have an overwhelming number of positive reviews.


No matter how much you love playing pool, there is only so much you can afford to spend on cues. While you can get pool cues for different prices ranging from as low $20 to as high as several thousand dollars, you should be good with a moderately priced one.

That a pool cue is expensive doesn’t mean it has the best quality; at one point, the high price will be a consequence of ornate decorations.

Types of Cue Sticks

There are at least three categories of cues for you to choose from, and they are:

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#1 Professional Cues

Cues that fall under this category are the most expensive cue sticks around. They are competition pool cues for use by people who play pool professionally. They can cost anywhere from $500 to several thousand dollars.

#2 Intermediate Cues

These are for intermediate players. They do not cost as much as professional cues, although they cost more than house cues. A typical intermediate cue will cost you between $80 and $500. These cues are suitable for use by both beginning and experienced pool players.

#3 House Cues

House cues are the most affordable pool cues you will find around. They are at the tail end of the price range and can cost as little as $20. These budget pool cues are the ones you will find in bars and clubs. They are almost always one-piece.

You should know that the type you buy will determine how well you play. The more expensive the pool stick, the more accurate and precise you can expect it to be.

Factors to consider

There are some cogent factors to consider when you want to buy the perfect pool cue for yourself. This includes the tip type, the weight, the material used, the balance point, as well as several other things all of which are discussed below.

#1 Color

Since we are talking about the perfect pool cue for your use, we must include this factor. If bright colors annoy you as a person, then a brightly colored pool cue would hardly be your best option. Pool cues are available in several colors, you will do well to select one with a color you are comfortable with.

#2 Weight

The weight of the pool cue you buy also matters in how good it is for your use. This is because the weight of the pool cue will determine how easily you can manipulate it. If you are a beginner without much experience, you will do well to buy cues of a heavier nature.

These are cues that weigh 20 ounces or more. The reason why these are recommended is that they are heftier and, as such, can result in the balls spinning more. If you are, however, an experienced pool player, cues that weigh 18 and 19 ounces will do the job better.

#3 Tip Type

There are two tip types that pool cues come with: hard and soft. The soft tip type allows you, the cue user, to feel the cue when it strikes the ball, while the hard tip doesn’t allow that, although it (the hard cue) is stronger and lasts much longer.

If you are a beginner, you should go with the soft tip type of cue as it will significantly enhance your pool playing.

It bears mentioning that pool cue tips’ standard sizes lie between 11 and 14 millimeters and the type you choose will depend on your preferences and what you are most comfortable with.

#4 Case

If you intend to play pool outside of your house, which means that you will have to carry your cue around, you should buy one with a case. The reason for this is simple: cues that come with cases are better protected.

A vast majority of cases are made with soft linings that cushion the cues and protect them from scratches. Yet others are made with padded insides that provide even better protection.

#5 Wood Type

Pool cues are made using different types of wood. Asides the really expensive ones, the best you can get are those made from maple. They have midrange prices while being of really high quality and also being durable.

#6 One-Piece vs Two-Piece

Two-Piece cues are pool cues that can come apart, which makes it very easy to carry them around, while one-piece cues are the exact opposite. If you intend to carry your pool cue around a lot, maybe for use in pool halls or competitions, you will do better to buy a two-piece cue stick. This will help ensure that your cue lasts for as long as is possible.

#7 Balance Point

One of the most important things to look out for when choosing a good pool cue stick is the balance point. The better the balance point, the more accurately you will play.

In fact, a good quality pool cue stick will be one with a balance point you are comfortable with and it will significantly improve your pool playing skill even if you are a novice. The balance point of pool table sticks lies close to the center of the cue not far away from the end of the wrap.

You should note that different players have different preferences for the kind of balance point they want in their pool table cue stick. As such, play around with a number of quality pool cue sticks to find the one that works for you the most.

You should know that there are three different balance points: top-heavy, bottom-heavy, and completely balanced. While most players prefer top-heavy cues, you should find a pool cue stick set that is most suitable for you.

#8 Cue Length

While there are a varied number of pool cues in the world, their length doesn’t exceed the 38” to 66” range. Even so, the vast majority have lengths that lie within the range of 57” to 60”.

The length of the pool cue set you choose to buy will be dependent on your height and what you are most comfortable with. Taller players usually prefer longer pool cues, while junior ones choose the shorter cues.

#9 Design

The assumption that pool cues have rounded edges is a popular and common one. However, nice and great pool cues have straight edges. Having straight edges help ensure that cues don’t roll off the table when they are placed down. You should endeavor to choose nice pool sticks of this nature.

#10 Wrap Material

Depending on your experience level, you can choose between a nylon, linen, or leather wrap material. Wrap materials help ensure that you retain your grip around a pool cue and they are usually placed around the tail end of cues. Professional pool cue sticks usually have a leather wrap.

If you, however, need a pool cue for intermediate players and/or beginners, you should go with those who have a nylon or linen wrap. If you are a sweaty person, however, you might be better off going with a cue pool stick that has a linen wrap, regardless of your experience level. Or you could choose to go with a wood pool stick that has no wrap.

#11 Butt

The butt is yet another important factor you should put into consideration when you are in the market for a pool stick set. The butt is very important because how comfortable you are with it will have a direct impact on how well you play.

You should go with a butt thickness that is commensurate with the size of your hands; if you have small hands, buy pool sticks with smaller butt thickness and vice versa.

In Conclusion To

The right pool cue stick will make all the difference between whether you win or not. And we are sure that with the information this article has placed at your fingertips, you will be able to make the right choice and finally cement yourself as the undisputable king of the game.

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